Index of Reviews by Author

Anthony, PiersMacroscope
Aoki, RykaLight from Uncommon Stars
Arnott, RobbieFlames
Arnott, RobbieLimberlost
Arnott, RobbieRain Heron, The
Atkinson, KateLife After Life
Atkinson, KateShrines of Gaiety
Austen, JaneNorthanger Abbey
Awad, MonaAll's Well
Bailey, SarahHousemate, The
Barnes, JulianSense of an Ending, The
Barrie, SarahUnforgiven
Barton, JohnHistory of the Bible, A
Bell, DavinaEnd of the World is Bigger Than Love, The
Binet, LaurentCivilisations
Blakemore, Kim TaylorAfter Alice Fell
Bodard, Aliette deFireheart Tiger
Borrow, GeorgeLavengro / The Romany Rye
Browder, BillRed Notice
Bukowski, HeleneMilk Teeth
Burr, ShelleyWake
Burroughs, Edgar RiceMoon Maid Trilogy, The
Campbell, Nina D.Daughters of Eve, The
Carré, John leRussia House, The
Chambers, BeckyGalaxy, and the Ground Within, The
Chambers, BeckyPsalm for the Wild-Built, A
Chen, Katherine J.Joan
Clark, P. DjèliMaster of Djinn, A
Corey, James S. A.Babylon’s Ashes
Corey, James S. A.Leviathan Falls
Corey, James S. A.Memory’s Legion
Corey, James S. A.Perseoplis Rising
Corey, James S. A.Tiamat’s Wrath
Crookson, PeterPitmen’s Requiem, The
Crutchley, NikkiIn Her Blood
Dalton, TrentAll Our Shimmering Skies
Darwin, CharlesVoyage of the Beagle, The
Delany, Samuel R.Babel-17
Delany, Samuel R.Einstein Intersection, The
Dench, JudiShakespeare, the Man Who Pays the Rent
Dickens, CharlesLittle Dorrit
Dickens, CharlesOliver Twist
Disher, GarryDay’s End
Disher, GarryHer
Disher, GarryPeace
Disher, GarryWay It Is Now, The
Doctorow, CoryInternet Con, The
Doctorow, CoryRed Team Blues
Doerr, AnthonyCloud Cuckoo Land
Down, JenniferBodies of Light
Edmonds, LeighProud and Lonely
Eggers, DaveCircle, The
Ferrante, ElenaMy Brilliant Friend
Ferrante, ElenaThe Lost Daughter
Ford, John M.Dragon Waiting, The
Fox, CandiceFire With Fire
Fox, CandiceHades Trilogy
Gaiman, NeilGraveyard Book, The
Garfield, LeonJohn Diamond
Garnett, DavidLady Into Fox
Garrett, RandallToo Many Magicians
Gentill, SulariCrossing the Lines
Gerrand, RobMillennium Job, The
Grann, DavidDevil and Sherlock Holmes, The
Grann, DavidWager, The
Greene, GrahamStamboul Train
Greengrass, JessieHigh House, The
Guin, Ursula K. LeWizard of Earthsea, A
Haddon, ColePsalms for the End of the World
Hadfield, ChrisApollo Murders, The
Hand, Kevin PeterAlien Oceans
Harari, Dr. Yuval NoahSapiens
Hardinge, FrancesDeeplight
Harper, JaneExiles
Harris, RobertAct of Oblivion
Harrow, Alix E.Spindle Splintered, A
Herron, MickDead Lions
Herron, MickDown Cemetery Road
Herron, MickReal Tigers
Herron, MickSlow Horses
Herron, MickSpook Street
Higginbotham, AdamMidnight in Chernobyl
Hutchinson, DaveCold Water
Ishiguro, KazuoNever Let Me Go
Ishiguro, KazuoRemains of the Day, The
Islington, JamesWill of the Many, The
Jackson, ShirleyHaunting of Hill House, The
James, TaniaLoot
Jemisin, N. K.City We Became, The
John, Madeleine St.Women in Black, The
Kalanith, PaulWhen Breath Becomes Air
Kells, StuartLibrary, The
Kemp, JoshBanjawarn
Kowal, Mary RobinetteFated Sky & The Relentless Moon, The
Kuang, R. F.Babel, or the Necessity of Violence
Lapena, ShariEveryone Here is Lying
Larson, ErikDead Wake
Le Guin, Ursula K.Left Hand of Darkness, The
Leiber, FritzConjure Wife
Lien, TraceyAll That’s Left Unsaid
Lohrey, AmandaConversion, The
Lohrey, AmandaLabyrinth, The
Ma, LingBliss Montage
Mandel, Emily St. JohnSea of Tranquility
McConaghy, CharlotteOnce There Were Wolves
McGuire, SeananAcross the Green Grass Fields
McGuire, SeananDown Among the Sticks and Bones
McKenzie, DinukaTorrent, The
McKinty, AdrianIn the Morning I’ll Be Gone
McKinty, AdrianIsland, The
McTiernan, DervlaMurder Rule, The
McTiernan, DervlaSisters, The
McTiernan, DervlaWrong One, The
Miéville, ChinaCity & The City, The
Miéville, ChinaEmbassytown
Miéville, ChinaRailsea
Moorcock, MichaelBehold the Man
Moore, CathMetal Fish, Falling Snow
Murakami, HarukiNorwegian Wood
Nayler, RayMountain in the Sea, The
Nicholson, JulietFrostquake
North, ClaireEnd of the Day, The
North, ClaireFirst Fifteen Lives of Harry August, The
North, ClaireHouse of Odysseus
North, ClaireIthaca
North, ClaireNotes from the Burning Age
North, ClairePursuit of William Abbey, The
North, ClaireSudden Appearance of Hope, The
North, ClaireSweet Harmony
North, ClaireTouch
Parker-Chan, ShelleyShe Who Became the Sun
Petraikis, VikkiUnbelieved, The
Powers, RichardBewilderment
Pratchett, TerryFifth Elephant, The
Prose, NitaMaid, The
Prose, NitaMystery Guest, The
Pulley, NatashaHalf Life of Valery K, The
Pulley, NatashaKingdoms, The
Ravatn, AgnesBird Tribunal, The
Reeve, PhilipUtterly Dark and the Face of the Deep
Reeve, PhilipUtterly Dark and the Heart of the Wild
Richardson, SamuelClarissa Harlowe
Riwoe, MirandaStone Sky Gold Mountain
Robotham, MichaelLying Beside You
Robotham, MichaelOther Wife, The
Rovelli, CarloAnaximander and the Nature of Science
Rovelli, CarloThere Are Places in the World Where Rules Are Less Important Than Kindness
Rovelli, CarloWhite Holes: Inside the Horizon
Ruby, RobertUnknown Shore: The Lost History of England’s Arctic Colony
Rundell, KatherineExplorer, The
Rundell, KatherineGirl Savage, The
Rundell, KatherineGood Thieves, The
Rundell, KatherineImpossible Creatures
Saramago, JoséBlindness
Sayers, Dorothy L.Clouds of Witness
Sayers, Dorothy L.Unnatural Death
Shepherd, LynnMurder at Mansfield Park
Silverberg, RobertThorns
Silverberg, RobertUp the Line
Simard, SuzanneFinding the Mother Tree
Simpson, IngaLast Woman in the World, The
Spinrad, NormanBug Jack Barron
Spufford, FrancisLight Perpetual
Tame, GraceNinth Life of a Diamond Miner, The
Tartt, DonnaGoldfinch, The
Tartt, DonnaSecret History, The
Tchaikovsky, AdrianChildren of Time
Tchaikovsky, AdrianElder Race
Thompson, TadeFar from the Light of Heaven
Trollope, AnthonyDoctor Thorne
Trollope, AnthonyFramley Parsonage
Trollope, AnthonyLast Chronicle of Barset, The
Trollope, AnthonySmall House at Allington, The
Valente, Catherynne M.Past Is Red, The
Vance, JackLast Castle, The
Viskic, EmmaThose Who Perish
Vonnegut, KurtSlaughterhouse-Five
Walton, JoAmong Others
Weir, AndyProject Hail Mary
Wells, MarthaAll Systems Red
Williams, PipDictionary of Lost Words, The
Winchester, SimonExactly
Wyld, EvieBass Rock, The
Yeo-sun, KwonLemon
Zelazny, RogerLord of Light
Čapek, KarelAtomic Phantasy, An

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